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Best Steam Cleaner 2018 – Our Comprehensive Guide

Best Steam Cleaner 2018 – Our Comprehensive Guide
What is the best way to eradicate dirty spots and germs housing various surfaces? Well, the answer is steam. Steam is the only way to get a clean and germ-free area and hence, itis the most superlative way to keep the home clean.

Not only germs, steam cleaner also eliminates the need of using chemicals to clean the home. Steam cleaner efficiently cleans every single corner of your home. From your drawing room to your kitchen, from your bedroom to bathroom; steam cleaner offers you the cleanest adobe.

If you are all set to buy a steam cleaner for yourself, you must consider the list of the best steam cleaners contrived by our experts.

According to our team of experts, McCulloch MC 1275 is the best steam cleaner that offers a robust performance. It is a perfect amalgamation of coming of age technology and robust hardware. If you are a little tight on the budget, you can consider other options. However, spending money on McCulloch MC 1275 is not a bad deal at all. This steam cleaner does not use harmful chemicals. It features a 48-ounce water tank. It takes only 8 minutes to heat up the water and supplies more than 45 minutes of natural steam. Plus, you get 18 accessories with this steam cleaner. If you have already made a decision, you have our word. McCulloch MC-1275 is the best steam cleaner. But if you want to consider other options, go through our list of best steam cleaners.

Best steam cleaners to buy in 2018

This list features the best 6 steam cleaners that are available in the market today. The review is based o the insights of the experts and experiences of the users.

Take a detailed look at them one by one.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
McCulloch MC1275
Color Black and yellow
Product Dimensions 47.1 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches
Product weight 5.78 lbs
Water tank capacity 1420 ml
Model no MC1275
Price $111.99

Notable features:

  • 100% natural
  • Water tank capable of holding 48-ounces of waterJet nozzle offering a robust steam
  • Scrubbing features
  • Can be used to clean every kind of floor effectively

With 1500-watt power, McCulloch MC1275 is the most promising steam cleaner in the
list. There are many excellent features that make cleaning home a cakewalk. The
robust jet-nozzle helps in removing tough dry stains. The steam lock switch
enables the option to use continuous burst or periodic bursts of steam.

The power cord is 15-feet long making it easy for the cleaner to sail through your house cleaning every corner non-stop for 45 minutes. It features an attachable floor mop that can clean any kind of floor, be it ceramic tiles, hardwood, laminates, and others. The scrub pads help in removing stubborn stains.

Pros Cons
No chemical residue Heavier than many other steam cleaners
Non-stop cleaning for 45-minutes A little expensive than many other steam cleaners
High-pressure cleaning by the jet nozzle
Best to clean hard floor
Easy to navigate across the home

Shark Genius Pocket Mop Steam Cleaner

Shark Genius Pocket Mop Steam Cleaner
Shark Genius Pocket Mop
Color Grey
Product Dimensions 47.1 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches
Product weight 5.78 lbs
Water tank capacity 350 ml
Model no. S5003D
Price $79.24

Notable features:

  • Intelligent steam control working on three different settings
  • Use of steam blaster technology
  • Use of touch-free technology
  • Genius steam mop
  • Comes with dual-sided dirt grip pads

The Shark Genius Pocket Mop Steam Cleaner is ideal for sealed hard floor. With the use of coming-of-age technological features, this steam cleaner is the smartest option available at your disposal. It comes with three-setting intelligent steam control technology. You can control the steam based on your requirement. The mop pocket ejects even steam because of the direct steam channeling function. The dual-sided grip pads ensure a larger area to clean the dirt.

For an easy navigation, you get a 22-feet power cord. The most notable feature of this steam cleaner is the steam blaster feature that helps in cleaning even the toughest stains. You can control the features on a single press of a button. You also get a one-year warranty on this product.

Pros Cons
No chemical residue post cleaning Steam is not very hot
Cleans even the most difficult corners
The grip pads can be washed and reused
Best for cleaning hard floor
Easy to navigate

Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner

Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner
Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner
Color Grey
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 13.2 x 10 inches
Product weight 4.55 lbs
Water tank capacity 200 ml
Model no 39N7A/39N71
Price $35.99

Notable features:

  • Steam oozes out at a very high pressure to clean tough stains
  • Steam on demand trigger
  • Natural cleaning with no use of chemicals
  • It takes only 30 seconds for it to heat up
  • Amazingly cleans the sealed hard floors

Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner is the best cleaner to clean sealed hard surfaces including hardwood, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, etc. Turn it on and within 30 seconds you will get a robust steam to clean your home. The small size makes it easy to navigate and fits in your palm.

This steam cleaner is the best option for you if you are looking for a natural cleaning option in a budget. With this cleaner, you get many accessories that make it an easy job to clean different areas like kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures, windows, etc.

Pros Cons
Small and lightweight Less powerful steam
Easy to carry Demands continuous refill
100% natural Not an ideal option for intensive cleaning for a longer duration of time
Heats up within seconds
Steam dries up in no time
Best for cleaning tough crevices and corners

Reliable Pronto Portable Hand-Held Steamer

Reliable Pronto Portable Hand-Held Steamer
Reliable Pronto Portable Hand-Held Steamer
Color Navy blue and white
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 6 x 12 inches
Product weight 5.95 lbs
Water tank capacity 295-300 ml
Model no 100CH
Price $99

Notable features:

  • Compact design, lightweight and thus, very portable
  • Effectively cleans crevices and corners that are beyond an easy reach
  • Comes with 14 different accessories
  • Doubles up as a garment steamer
  • Patented Comfort Safety System

Adequacy and versatility are the two main features of this steam cleaner. You can use it to clean your home and remove the stubborn and ugly wrinkles from your clothes sans using any harmful chemicals, you must buy this cleaner. It gives you a naturally clean home and naturally fresh garments. The absorbent Aramid cover lets only dry steam to pass through your garment and remove the wrinkles.

The steam cleaner features a robust 1200-watt heating element,
that takes 2 minutes to reach its full potential. It offers a robust steam for
15 minutes and a power of 4 bar pressure.

The water tank features a Patented Comfort Safety System. It opens and closes automatically. You can easily cruise through your home cleaning every single corner with the help of 19.5 feet power cord. You get a lifetime warranty with this product.

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight design Not apt for vigorous cleaning
Heats up in no time Makes noise
Best for light cleaning
Comes with a set of accessories to help clean various surfaces
Doubles up as a steam iron to remove wrinkles and clean the garments

Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Cleaner

Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Cleaner
Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Cleaner
Color Purple and white
Product Dimensions 11.8 x 6.8 x 46.4 inches
Product weight 9.35 lbs
Water tank capacity 350 ml
Model no S3601
Price $97.74

Notable features:

  • Comes with a 5-in-1 steam mop
  • 100% natural
  • Takes only 30 seconds to heat up
  • Surface scrubber offers a better cleaning

Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Cleaner, as the name denotes, is very light and easy to use cleaner to clean the home. It comes with a 5-in-1 steam mop that is capable of cleaning many surfaces like glass, hard surface, carpet, floor, and garments.

Plug it in and wait for 30 seconds before you eradicate 99.9 percent harmful bacteria from your home and garments and that too, in a natural way. The steam cleaner does not use any harmful chemical agent for the purpose of cleaning.

It features three adjustable modes. The capacity of the tank is 340 ml. The cleaner offers effective cleaning for 20 to 25 minutes on low settings and for 10 to 15 minutes on high setting.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty and also, a free replacement policy at no extra cost.

Pros Cons
Powerful and easy to use
Can be used for both light, as well as heavy-duty cleaning
Heats up within seconds
Features adjustable steam controller
No use of harmful chemicals

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Cleaner

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Cleaner
Bissell Powerfresh Steam Cleaner
Color Blue and white
Product Dimensions 11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches
Product weight 6 lbs
Water tank capacity 474 ml
Model no 1940
Price $79

Notable features:

  • Swivel steering
  • Take 30 seconds to heat up
  • Free from chemicals
  • Features Deluxe Mop Pad Kit
  • Easy scrubber

The Bissell Powerfresh Steam Cleaner is one of the best steam cleaners in the list.
It helps in eliminating even the most cantankerous stains from any kind of
surface. Just fill the tank with tap-water and clean your home without using
any harmful chemical agent. The 3-level steam controller lets you adjust the
steam burst according to the requirement. You can easily clean ceramic, marble,
linoleum, granite, as well as hardwood floor.

The Spring Breeze disc can be inserted into the mop pad to fill your home with a pleasing fragrance. You can also fill the steam mop with scented demineralized water for the purpose. The Deluxe Mop Pad Kit features a soft mop pad that is easy to wash, a washable scrubber pad, and two Spring Breeze fragrance discs.

Pros Cons
Powerful Bulky
Easy to use Features a non-removable water tank
The steam exit chamber is wide
Removable mid-section to convert it into a hand-held steam cleaner
Heats up in no time
Features an adjustable steam controller
100% natural

Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
Color Black, white, green, and grey
Product Dimensions 15.4 x 9.5 x 12 inches
Product weight 8.4 lbs.
Water tank capacity 1330 ml
Model no. SF-370
Price $74.99

Notable features:

  • 1500-watt steam cleaner
  • Large tank capacity
  • Offers 45 minutes of non-stop cleaning
  • 15 versatile accessories

Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner is another fabulous option in the
list. The steam cleaner features a good water tank capacity accompanied by Pro-Grade
1500-watt power to offer a sturdy cleaning. You get 15 accessories to cater to
your cleaning requirements.

It takes 8 minutes to heat up the tank and you get 45 minutes of robust steam to clean every nook and corner of your house. The steam can be switched on and off according to your preference. You get an integrated cord wrap to secure the cord.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and portable Steam doesn’t dry quickly
Big water tank capacity
Steam on demand
Offers 45 minutes of non-stop steam
Many accessories for various cleaning requirements
Easy to use

Things to keepin mind while purchasing a steam cleaner

Buying the best steam cleaner is not easy when you get the most unmatched products at your platter. Here are the 7 things that you must keep in mind while purchasing a steam cleaner:

  1. Size and weight

    Steamcleaners come in a plethora of size, shape, and weight. If you want a steamcleaner for domestic purposes, you can buy steam cleaners that are small in size, while if you want a cleaner for commercial purpose, you must look for heavierunits. You must consider the size and weight of the steam cleaner based on the purpose it has to serve.

  2. Cost

    Of course, you need to consider your budget before buying the steam engine. Hand-held and portable steam cleaners cost anywhere between $40 to $75. They work amazingly and fit into everyone’s budget. You must understand the fact that a higher price tag is not always an assurance of a great quality. You must read the reviews before making a purchase.

  3. Water tank capacity

    The efficiency of water tank plays a part in its efficiency. If there is enough water in the tank, it will eject steam. Steam cleaners with small tanks provide a short cleaning span and vice versa. It is to be noted that hand-held steam cleaners do not come with a large water tank.

  4. Attachments and accessories

    Every manufacturer offers basic attachments and accessories for various cleaning requirements. If your major concern is cleaning of the corners and areas that are difficult to clean with regular cleaning aids, you must look for the steam cleaners with more attachments and accessories. You can even by a cleaner with fewer attachments and buy attachments separately.

  5. Temperature and pressure

    Temperatureand pressure of the steam cleaner are the two very important factors to consider. Cleaners with high-temperature and high-pressure steam offer a greater efficiency. They are great for heavy-duty cleaning. For basic cleaning, low-pressure steam cleaners work well.

  6. Noise level

    majority of the cleaners do not make an annoying noise. However, there are some hand-held models that make noise. You must check the noise before swiping your credit card.

  7. Extra features

    The modern steam cleaners are loaded with multi-level steamcontrol and many other advanced features.

Which is the best one?

The experts have already given their opinion. On the basis of features and customer reviews, MuCulloch MC 1275 is undoubtedly the best steam cleaner. It is expensive but worth buying. The larger water tank and advanced technical features make it the best option for deep cleaning. It comes with 18-accessories set to make your cleaning experience a joy ride.

What is the best steam mop available in the market?

Bissell Powerfresh is the best steam mop cleaner available in the market. It is budget-friendly and features 3-setting control and dual pads (scrub and soft). It can be used on different surfaces

Do steam cleaners work well?

Yes! Steam cleaners are no scams. They are effective. They eliminate 99.9 percent of the bacteria, viruses, molds, mites, as well as germs. It is better than the traditional cleaning measures and a natural way of effective cleaning. It does not incorporate the use of any harmful chemical.

Are steam cleaners ideal for tile floor?

Yes, steam cleaners are ideal for a tile floor. They effectively clean sticky residue, as well as stubborn stains. You can go with high-temperature and high-pressure cleaners for a tile floor.

What is the best way to clean carpets?

Steam cleaning is the best cleaning methods to clean carpets. Also known as deep cleaning, it removes 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs, mold, and dirt. It comes sans any harmful chemical and the steam dries quickly after the cleaning session.

The bottom-line

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to do away with dirt and germs. It works amazingly on various surfaces like hard surfaces, glass surfaces, carpets, as well as garments. It is 100-percent chemical free and offers a natural cleaning solution.

If you buy a steam cleaner keeping in mind all the important parameters, your cleaning experience will become bliss.

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